Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Author's page

Before you ask, yes, I am an author. My first book is now available at . It's called "A Dog's Eye View". Though I will be talking about my books and writing blogs, this site is actually not dedicated to me. It's dedicated to the "Author and finisher of our faith"- Jesus Christ! Without him, I can (None of us can) do nothing. However, with him, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!
Did you catch that? ALL things are possible, not some. The key is to walk in relationship WITH HIM daily. Life is a journey. Life with Jesus is an adventure! I would like to ask you to join the journey with him and to take part in my journey.
On these pages, we will explore many things. From the silly to the sublime, the non-important to the critically important. Whatever Jesus decides to share with me that day, I'll pass on to you. We will laugh together, cry together, vent our frustrations together, and scream our joy together.
So thank you, ahead of time, for joining my adventure and sharing it with me! God bless you all, my new friends. In Jesus, till we meet again,
Michael Winskie