Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independance Day?

I realize what this day means. I truly realize the freedoms and responsibilities we have been blessed with as Americans. However, I must also admit that this day just doesn't seem the same for me as in past years. I won't bore you with a long rant, but I can tell you some of the reasons why.
It's scary to me that the average younger American has no real idea what this day is really about beyond fireworks, parties, and frivolity. Many have no idea that the declaration of Independence was signed on this day in 1776, much less what it says. Our dumbed down institutions of enforced indoctrination that we call public schools, do not teach them. Instead they're told how unfair and horrible our founding fathers (and documents) were. If the schools really taught what the Constitution says, our Government would cease to be able to do many of the things it does.
I don't feel like celebrating because I see our foundational freedoms being stolen and emasculated. Instead of freedom of speech, the politically correct have changed perverted this basic right into freedom from speech. But not all speech, mind you. A movie or TV show can use words that would blush a sailor, but we can't say JESUS in public (unless we're using his name as a curse word).
It used to be that the undergirding principle of personal rights was that "My rights stop where your rights start." Now, it's become, "Your rights stop0 where I believe my rights should take me. We used to be a country of fellow servants, now it's me first and we're reaping the benefits of it! A wise man once said, "If the people ever figure out that they can vote themselves the candy that they want for themselves, it will be the end of our republic." My friends we are almost there!
The bottom line is this: We took the children from our homes to "better educate them" and we took the mothers from the homes to "better our standards of living". Then we took God out of schools so as not to "offend" the few who don't believe in him. Now we've raised a generation of people who don't believe in God or absolutes. The results? Families are disintegrating; drug use, sexual promiscuity and deviance (can you say LGBT's?), and crime have skyrocketed; and our Government is heading speedily towards all out government control of everyone and everything! Our common sense and moral compasses have all but vanished!
The only hope that any of us have is a return to the foundational documents of our republic, the Bible that these documents were based upon, and, most importantly, the God of the Bible and all the universe- Jesus!
May we all get right with him (John 3:3-5, Acts 2:38) before it's too late!