Sunday, September 20, 2009

Buy the truth and sell it not!

" Buy the truth and sell it not..." Proverbs 23:23

"What is truth?" Pilate famously asked Jesus (John 18:38). That's really the crux of the worlds problems today, isn't it? Everyone's trying to figure out the answer to Pilates very poignant question.
Scientists study their data sheets searching for truth. Philosophies try to stretch our brains to accept more and more "truth". Religious teachers are all scouring their sacred texts to try and figure out the next great leap of truth with which to excite the masses and start a movement. Teachers have given up on finding "the truth" and concentrate instead on each person finding his or her own truth. Is "the truth" important?
Jesus said "ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." (John 8:32) But what is that singular truth that we must know? What is that singular truth that, when we know it, it will set us free? This would seem to be important. After all, if knowing that truth sets us free, then not knowing that truth leaves us bound up.
Furthermore, scripture declares that many will perish because they recieved NOT the love of "the truth", that they might be saved! (2 Thes. 2:10) Apparantly, we cannot stop at simply knowing the truth, we must LOVE the truth. Proverbs tells us to buy (pay the price for) the truth and to sell it not.
So, we like Pilate ask, what is truth? In answer Jesus says, "I am THE TRUTH..." (John 14:6). Truth is not a scientific discovery. Truth is not a political or moral philosophy. Truth is not a religion. Truth- THE TRUTH- is a man. But not just any man. This man- Jesus Christ- is the God/man. The God who loved us so much that he became flesh for us to die for our sins and make a way for us to really know him! To know him, biblically, is not simply head knowledge. It is an intimate and loving relationship with God almighty. It is Jesus indwelling us with his spirit and giving us the power to obey him. It is Jesus guiding us every step of the way.
There is a popular old song in pentecostal circles that says, "For whatever you have to do to me, Don't let me be lost for eternity, for above ALL else, I must be saved." That's what Proverbs means when it tells us to "buy the truth and sell it not."
Whatever gets in the way of my relationship with almighty God has got to go! Everything else in life comes second to the man who willingly died and rose again for me. Let's plaster this everywhere we need to: "Buy JESUS, and sell him NOT"!

Lord, Help us to really love you (the truth). Help us to hold onto you with every ounce of strength that we have! We don't need another fact, another doctrine, another philosophy- we need YOU! In Jesus name!