Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A true Friend

"There is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother." Proverbs 18:24

I had started to write on another subject, a truthful subject, one that would correct some misinterpretations of scripture. That subject will wait. Today, Jesus has other ideas.

Today, we received a phone call- a desperate plea for prayer. It seems that a good friends uncle was working on the roof of his home and had an accident. One minute he was hammering on the roof and the next minute he was falling off of said roof. The house is a two story home. Worse still, on the side he fell off of, there is a drop off of the ground that adds up to yet another story. One minute he's fixing his home for his family and the next he's rapidly falling three stories- only to be suddenly stopped by a very hard landing at the bottom.

If ever I've heard an almost certian recipe for disaster, this was it. We, immediately, and with a spark of hope in our creator, began to pray. We felt as if we touched the throne of God in that prayer. What made this prayer all the more important was that the man in question had been raised in church, but had fallen away from his fellowship with God's people and with his God. He was in desperate need of physical and spiritual help!

The next word we received was that he was being life flighted to a nearby trauma center. This meant that his injuries were likely both serious and life threatening. We prayed and trusted God.
He alone knows our goings and comings. We know that Jesus is a friend that sticks closer than any brother. It's all in his hands.

Time after time, people all over the world have cried out to Jesus in times of crisis. Be they a soldier in a "fire fight", a mother begging for the life of their child, or a child crying for food- he never fails. He always moves according to his soveriegn will and purpose, motivated by a heart of love. He's all knowing, all powerful, and all loving. We can and should always trust him.
Humans will fail. No matter how loving or good intentioned the person or group may be, they will fail. Jesus never does.

Several hours later, we received another phone call. This one was good news. The backslider who slid off the roof, had not fallen to his death. In fact, he was being sent home. He has a broken arm and a broken rib, to go along with a whole lot of bruises. The hospital is calling the "life flight" a wasted flight for his condition.

You and I know better. Trained and seasoned paramedics don't call for life flight unless a) the situation is desperate and b) the doctors they are in touch with, via radio, order it. Jesus, our closest friend, has stepped in once again to bring life out of our calamity. We can only pray that the faller will really think about "from whence" he's fallen and turn back to his friend. When he does, Jesus will be waiting with open arms to, once again, bring life from lifelessness.

God bless you all.